Signs your generator is not working properly?

A generator is a source of emergency power for a home when electricity is not available. Generators can feel like a gift in times of extreme temperatures or times of long periods without a way to cook or bathe. Generators can be lifesaver by being able to power medical equipment or lifesaving equipment. It is never fun to find out a generator is not functioning properly in a time the generator is needed. That’s why you need to be a part of a Weekley Electric LLC maintenance program. There are a couple different signs to show a generator is not working properly.

One of the most common issues with a generator low battery or low oil, the odds are the generator is not functioning properly. A correctly 2013-01-07 19.19.59functioning generator will show no signs of leaking any type of fluid. A good way to proactively prevent a generator from failing to perform to routinely service the generator. Whether the generator is in use regularly or not, it should be serviced twice a year. By servicing the generator twice a year, it will be ensured that common issues that can be avoided will not occur.

Another common issue with a generator not functioning properly is the engine not starting. There can be several different reasons for a generator not starting. If the generator runs out of fuel, it will not run. Fuel levels might not be accurately depicted with the fuel gauge due to it not being like a vehicle fuel gauge that is in motion, the generator fuel gauge is sitting still. If the generator turns off or will not start at all, fuel levels should be checked. Another reasons that a generator might not start is that fuel has bled back into the tank of the generator. Fuel bleeding back into the tank and not allowing the generator to start is more commonly seen in newer generation generators than in older generation generators.

Generators should be monitored while in use to ensure safety and proper functioning. If a generator is showing any sign of leaking a substance or it shuts off or will not start at all, these are all signs the generator is not functioning properly.

If you need emergency generator services, don’t hesitate to contact Weekley Electric’s generator emergency support line at (740) 366-0095 and someone will be in contact soon!