Building a new home in Ohio?

Here are some helpful tips on what to consider when hiring an electrical contractor for the build.

Of all the systems in a home, the electrical system shouldn’t be installed by DIYers or other types of amateurs. The difference between an electrical system installed by a friend or family member versus one installed by a master electrician can be the difference between a home that burns to the ground and a home that’s safe, cozy and bright. Here’s what a homeowner should look for when hiring an electrician:

First, he or she should look for an electrician who is certified by his or her state. This means that the electrician has achieved a certain level of competence when it comes to wiring. In fact, the homeowner should hire a master electrician. A master electrician has taken and passed a test and has been practicing his or her trade for at least two years. The master electrician is also up to date on the National Electrical Code and even knows what modifications of the code apply to the area where the homeowner lives. This means the master electrician can design and install an electrical system in the customer’s home or business. A journeyman electrician isn’t yet qualified to do this.

A master electrician will also make sure that he or she has all the permits necessary to design and install a customer’s electrical system. A reputable contractor never has the customer obtain the permits. This is because the person who obtains the permits is ultimately responsible for the project.

The homeowner should also insist that a written contract be drawn up and signed between him or her and the master electrician. Again, a reputable and honest master electrician will agree to this. The contract should include the start date and projected end date of the project, the cost and payment schedule, parts and equipment, any liens and warranties and copies of the master electrician’s license. If the master electrician is the general contractor on the project, he or she will be responsible for any subcontractors. This will include scheduling when they do their work and paying them.

Another good reason to hire a master electrician is that an inspector must inspect his or her work. If the work isn’t up to the local electrical and building codes, it will have to be torn out and done over. This wastes both time and money. When a homeowner uses a master electrician, there’s less chance of this happening.


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